Public talks

Public Talks

“Genomics: Rewriting our health” Podcast. Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson.

“The technology of response in Asia” COVIDCalls #175 with Scott Gabriel Knowles, 24th November 2020.

“Trace Together and the societal impact of citizen science” New Naratif podcast, 24th May 2020.

“The Social Context of Serendipity” TEDxSingapore, December 2013.

“Retracing the spice road: How Southeast Asia shaped Europe’s tastes.” HistoriaSG Public Lecture, National Museum of Singapore, 22 April 2017.

“Rethinking AI: What if the future is not robotic?” Head Foundation, Singapore, 10th April, 2019.


(2019) Paul Biegler, “Leaps and boundaries: the rise of China as a science superpower” Sydney Morning Herald, 23 June.

(2018) Rob Stein, “Doctors in China lead race to cure cancer by editing genes” NPR, 21 February.¬†